The Real Captain America? – Christian Pulisic


Name – Christian Pulisic

Age – 21 years old (18-09-1998)

Rookie season/team – 2015-2016/Borussia Dortmund

Nationality – American

International Caps – Yes

Position – Attacking Midfield/Inside Forward

Current team/League – Chelsea/English Premier League


Christian is quickly being regarded as one of the greatest-ever american soccer players, even though he’s only been in the game for a few years. With his quickness, dribbling ability and eye for goal, it’s easy to see why.

He debuted for Dortmund at just 17 years old. He enjoyed his time with the team making 45 goal contributions (19 goals and 26 assists)  in 127 appearances. This gives him a goal participation of 35.43% (1 in 3 games), which is outstanding for a player at that age.

His first season at Chelsea was hampered by an injury that he suffered in early January 2020, which meant he was unable to play for 9 premier league games. Despite this injury, Pulisics’ first year at Chelsea has turned out to be his best ever season (statistically), since moving from Borussia Dortmund in the 2019 Summer transfer window, for £58 million.

Hot card(s)

Christian Pulisic 2016 Select Soccer Base Mezzanine Raw – Card no. 150
Christian Pulisic 2016 Select Soccer Silver Mezzanine Raw – Card no. 150

This is considered Pulisics’ rookie card (or at least his rookie year). The card can be found in the 2016-17 Panini Select Soccer Card packs. There are other variations, numbered cards and an auto of Pulisic in the set but there are very few in current circulation. 

This graph highlights a four month value over time graph of Pulisics’ rookie card (Base raw in pink and Silver raw in dark blue). In that period, a combined total of 102, have been sold through ebay with a grand total sales figure of $11,873.99. Which has meant his cards have risen over 2000% in 4 months. 

Key factors for sharp increase in card value

  • The re-start of the English Premier League
  • Pulisics form 
  • Chelsea’s form
  • No US sports

There’s no question that all soccer fans (and sports fans in general) were eager to see the premier league re-start. It sent a strong signal that sport in general would likely come back. Even though the Bundesliga started before the Premier League, the EPL is the most watched soccer league in the world and is highly revered. The start of the EPL saw an increased interest in soccer, which has obviously filtered into the sports card market. 

Since the restart on 21 June, Pulisic has enjoyed fine form providing 6 goal contributions in 9 games (4 goals and 2 assists), in the league. This gives him a goal participation of 66.67%. In the race for the top 4, Chelsea have won 6 of their last 9 games, with Pulisics’ form, being a major factor in their success.

It’s also notable that with no US sports, activity in the sports card investor market, has seen people follow soccer for a few weeks. And there has been plenty from the EPL, with a game pretty much everyday since the restart, which has been pure bliss for sports fans and for people who follow the soccer card investment market. 

6 weeks prior to the EPL restarting 

In the period where there was no soccer, Pulisics’ soccer cards were relatively cheap. His base 2016 was going for around $20-$25 dollars. His silver could be picked up for around $50. This correlates to Pulisics injury, the lack of soccer and lack of activity in the soccer sports card world. 

6 weeks after the EPL restarting

It’s pretty clear that Pulisics’ cards dramatically increased after the restart of the EPL. The factors I mentioned above, being a direct correlation to this outcome. His card sales have more than doubled.  The total  $ sales have risen by a mouth watering 1500%. This is a great example of how a player who may be currently low valued, can change that value, in a number of weeks quite substantially. Obviously, there are other factors that played a part in this, namely, Chelsea having so many games in a short period of time. 

Things to consider for future price fluctuations

  • Who Chelsea will sign in the transfer window
  • How there form will be in the new season
  • How Pulisic recovers from his injury
  • How Pulisics’ performs against the top teams and in the champions league


Pulisic no doubt, is a star in the making. The fact that sports cards collecting/investing is predominantly an American hobby, can only help Pulisics’ card value. People love a home town star, with the sport becoming more popular in the US and Pulisic reaching his prime by the world cup in 2026. He could become the national hero. He’s already dubbed in football “Captain America” by the British media. His brand is sure to grow. I’m very much looking forward to seeing Pulisics’ rise throughout the next few seasons. We’ll keep a close eye on him, so be sure to subscribe to get regular updates on his value. 

*also analysis used isn’t definitive. Ebay isn’t the sole selling platform for sports cards, but it’s where the large majority of sport card transactions take place. Use this analysis as a guide or form it part of a more in-depth research you can do. The tool I use to analyse the data, comes from a website called www.sportscardinvestor.com. You’ll need to pay a premium to use the tool but I’ve found it very useful, for my own analysis.*