All You Need To Know About The Golden Boot

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The Premier League is arguably the best domestic football league in the world. With teams such as Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal battling it out every single year for English glory, success often comes down to the team, and specifically the players, who score the most goals!

If you’ve been following the Premier League for some time, you’ll have likely heard commentators and pundits talk about the ‘race for the Golden Boot.’

Ever wondered what that is?

Well, we’re going to give you the complete run down on the Golden Boot, some previous records and some of the greatest players you may not have known managed to get their hands on the coveted award!

What Is The Golden Boot?

The Golden Boot award is given to the player who scores the most goals during the Premier League season. It’s fairly simple in that sense, basically whoever scores the most goals, picks up the prize!

Players can share the award if they are tied for number of goals and there’s no minimum or maximum number of goals to qualify – simply, whoever scores the most.

Alongside winning the trophy, players are also given £1,000 per goal, which they can donate to a charity of their choice. This prize money is typically provided by whoever sponsors the award, which at the moment is the British confectionery company, Cadbury.

Golden Boot Records

Over the years, some of the greatest goalscorers in Premier League history have claimed the famous Golden Boot award. But some seasons stand out for the way in which they won, let’s take a look at some interesting Golden Boot records.

First Winner – The first winner of the Golden Boot award was Teddy Sherringham in the 1992/93 season. Playing for Tottenham at the time, Sherringham racked up 22 goals in 41 games.

Most Awards – Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has won the Golden Boot 4 times, the most of any player. Taking the award in the 2001/02, 2003/04, 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons, Henry scored 106 goals across that 4-season period.

Most Clubs – Some players bang in the goals wherever they go, with some notable players winning the award with 2 different clubs across their careers. Shearer (Blackburn & Newcastle,) Jimmy Floyd Hasslebaink (Leeds & Chelsea) and, Robin Van Persie (Arsenal & Man United) are the only 3 players to achieve the feat of cross-club consistency!

Least Goals – Some seasons prove to be low scoring and Nicholas Anelka holds the record for winning the Golden Boot outright with the least goals. In the 2008/09 season, his total of 19 goals with Chelsea was enough to win the award! (Shared awards have been given out for lower totals of 18.)

Most Goals – The 2017/18 season saw Mo Salah claim the award with the highest ever goal tally. His unrivalled display of 32 goals from 38 games not only helped him bag the award, but on a personal level, put him on everyone’s list as one of the best attacking forwards in the world!

Current Winner – Leicester City’s Jamie Vardy is the current Golden Boot holder for the 2019/20 season, amassing 23 goals in 35 games. He set another record in the process as the oldest player to ever win the award, aged 33.

Stand Out Golden Boot Winners

Even with the records above, there have been some big name players who have won the Golden Boot during their Premier League careers. Many of these players no longer play in the league, so seeing their names on the trophy may, or may not, surprise you!

2013/14 Winner – Luis Suarez – 31 Goals

Before the Uruguayan caused havoc in the Nou Camp, many may not know he had an outstanding season in the Premier League. In 2013/14 he bagged 31 goals in 33 games helping Liverpool to a second place finish alongside personal awards as Player of The Season.

It was a standout season that earned him his big move to Barcelona but was marred by an incident where he bit another player which led to a lengthy suspension.

2010/11 Winners – Dimitar Berbatov & Carlos Tevez – 20 Goals

The 2010/11 season was filled with drama and the race for the Golden Boot was no different. Having left Manchester United the season before, Carlos Tevez had a point to provide against his old club.

In the meantime, Berbatov remained at Manchester United, cherishing the role as the main striker to bag himself a 20 goal season, and the share of the Golden Boot in the process.
Ultimately, Manchester United went on to win the Premier League that season, so Berbatov had the last laugh!

2007/08 Winner – Cristiano Ronaldo – 31 Goals

The man who needs no introduction, Ronaldo lit up the Premier League during his time at Manchester United but it was the 2007/08 season where he really made his mark! He banged 31 goals in 34 games giving an impressive 0.91 goals/per game average.

It was his penultimate season at United and was the one that put him firmly on Real Madrid’s radar. The feat is even more impressive given that he played as a winger and not as the central striker.

It was a season that also led to him winning the Golden Shoe, the award for the most goals across all European leagues. He’s one of only 4 Premier League players to swoop that double, making that season even more special for the player many call the greatest ever!

Back of The Net.

That’s all from our roundup of the Golden Boot award! We think you’ll agree there’s some fantastic goalscorers in the list of winners with many of those players having their best ever seasons whilst picking up the award.

As the 2020/21 season starts to roll around, who do you think we’ll be picking up the next award?

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