Player Analysis – Kai Havertz

Name – Kai Havertz
Age – 21 years old (11-06-1999)
Rookie season/team – 2016-2017/Bayer Leverkusen
Nationality – German
International Caps – Yes
Position – Attacking Midfield/Inside Forward
Current team/League – Chelsea/English Premier League

Havertz is predominantly a central attacking midfielder (CAM), which means he operates in-between the central midfielders and the striker. He can use both feet and his role is to create opportunities for his team to score a goal.

At 6 foot 2 (1.89m) the German is very tall for a player in his position. Usually, a CAM is a smaller player, utilising agility and speed on the ball to create chances. Funnily enough if you were to compare him to a similar player, it probably would be Frank Lampard. Not necessarily for the skills, but for his late runs into the box, something his manager was famous for when wearing Chelsea blue.

How do his stats look?

In short, impressive. Even at such a young age, Kai was already a regular in the Leverkusen first team. He made 118 appearances over 4 seasons before his summer move to Chelsea. In those 118 appearances, he made 61 goal contributions – that’s a 1:2 ratio (goal contributions to games). These statistics would be incredible even for the top players in the game. At 21, it’s easy to see why he was so sought after by the top clubs in the world.

Hot Cards


Please note – The cards below may not be the player’s true rookie card. They’ve been highlighted here as they are very popular in the current sports card market with multiple sales and trends over recent months. Also, below is only an indication of prices being sold. Data is taken from eBay, but a lot of sales happen on other marketplaces such as Facebook and StockX. 

(L) Kai Havertz Rated Rookie Donruss 2018 RAW
(R) Kai Havertz Rated Rookie Donruss Optic 2018 RAW

Card performance over time.

Over the last 90 days you can see how both cards pictured have performed. In June, you could have easily picked up a Havertz Optic card for around $15-$30. In August/September, prices have risen to around $60. That means the bare minimum a collector could have made on their return is 100% within 3 months. Not too shabby!

Why has his value increased?

  • Recent £70 million transfer from Bayer Leverkusen to Chelsea
  • Other player signings Chelsea have made
  • His playing form towards the end of the season
  • Increased interest of people in sport cards
  • Increased interest in people trying to find great rookies

Prediction for the Future

With soccer (and sport in general), anything can happen. Havertz could get a long term injury, he may not perform well at Chelsea or people may lose interest in soccer cards. This will all have a detrimental affect on his cards. Especially in the short term. Investors in the hobby are very reactionary, so his value could fluctuate game to game.

If you’re looking to keep his cards for 1 season or more (preferably looking to sell at the next 2 World Cup competitions), he could potentially be a sound investment choice. Below are things to keep track of, over the next season, that could see his value rise. 

  • Consistency – To be a great player you need to be consistent week in week out
  • Form – Goals and assists well keep him in the news and relevant to sports card investors
  • Chelsea’s form – Chelsea should be title challengers this season. A great season from Chelsea will help his value rise, if he’s a pivotal member
  • Trophies – Chelsea will be looking to win some silverware this year and they have a strong team that could go deep into competitions
  • Euro’s – After the season has finished, it’s Euro 2021. A chance for him to shine for Germany – International competitions have a world wide appeal.


The jury is still out on Havertz, as it always is with young players. It’s very difficult to remain at the highest level season in and season out. Very few do this. 

But the signs are good for Havertz. He’s got plenty of experience and he’s in a young, vibrant and exciting team. The future is bright for Havertz, he’s a player we’ll definitely be tracking over the coming season. 

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