Player Analysis: Kevin de Bruyne

Kevin de Bruyne – Who Is He? 

Name – Kevin de Bruyne

Age – 06/28/1991 (29 years old)

Rookie season/ Team – 2008/09 / Genk

Nationality – Belgian

International Caps – Yes (79/19 goals)

Position – Center Midfield / Center Attacking Midfield

Current team/League – Manchester City / ELP

Primarily a Center Attacking Midfielder (CAM), Kevin de Bruyne is considered one of the best players in the world. He is recognized as being as close to a complete player as you will find, being exceptional at passing, shooting, and dribbling, contributing both goals and assists both in the domestic and international competition, pulling the strings in the centre of the park. 

At 5 foot 11 inches, de Bruyne is considered an average height for a midfielder, and this enables him excellent control over the ball, being able to nimbly twist and turn between the opposition, finding pockets of space. He began his professional career at Genk, making his debut in 2009 before moving to Chelsea, but only made nine appearances across all competitions. Following success at Bundesliga side Vfl Wolfsburg, he joined Manchester City for £55 million, where he has since cemented himself as one of the best players in the world. 

How Do His Stats Look?

His ability to pick out a ball is arguably his greatest asset, and this is reflected in his statistics, gaining 20 assists in the 2019/20 Premier League season, more than any other player. In the Premier League, he has made 153 appearances (as of the start of the 20/21 season), scoring 36 goals and creating 66. This gives him a contribution-to-game ratio of 0.65, making him a standout player in any era. 

When you consider the level of big chances he creates, combined with a high pass completion rate (82% last season), you can rely on de Bruyne to excel more often than not, meaning he is always a player to look out for in any competition. 

Why Has His Value Increased?

de Bruyne already has a reputation as one of the very best players in the modern game. His card value continues to increase mainly due to his individual and team accomplishments:

  • PFA Player of the Year 2019/20
  • Registered 20 assists last season with 13 goals 
  • Proven Premier League player
  • Manchester City pushing to regain the Premier League and win their first Champions League
  • Increased interest in soccer cards

These are all potential reasons as to why Kevin de Bruyne’s card value has increased, and why it could increase in the coming season. While Manchester City did not win the Premier League, they still won the Carabao Cup (League Cup), adding more honors to his resume, and by topping the assist charts, he stands out as someone to always keep an eye on. 

Manchester City’s season is just getting started, but if he can replicate and even build on his form from last year, it is likely that de Bruyne’s card value will continue to increase as he cements himself as a player that many collectors and vendors would love to add to their portfolio. 

Prediction for the future

As a player in his prime, de Bruyne’s card prices for future seasons are unlikely to increase. That being said, if he continues to perform at the same high level we have seen across the past few seasons, it is unlikely that the value will drop dramatically. Indeed, with Manchester City still chasing their first Champions League title, there is still potential for a legendary, and even career defining season, if he has not already achieved this. 

Even so, the fact that he is already considered one of the best in the world means that Rookie Cards could still increase in value, and this is something you will need to look out for. He is one of the most complete players you will see playing the game currently, and this means you can always rely on him to garner interest. 

It’s also worth remembering that the Euros and World Cup are approaching. After a deep run in the last competition, Belgium are considered favorites for a repeat performance next time around. Kevin de Bruyne is a vital component of Roberto Martinez’s team, so it’s worth looking at several factors to determine whether his value will rise. 

  • Consistency: he has already proven to be a consistent performer, although a dip in form, confidence, or injuries could all affect this.
  • Club form: Manchester City are already considered a team to beat, and are expected to excel again this season in both domestic and European competition
  • Honors: de Bruyne has recently been voted PFA Player of the Year, as well as being a 2-time Premier League Champion. A Champions League, Euro, or World Cup victory could all increase value


As Kevin de Bruyne has already established himself as a world class player on both the league and international stage by demonstrating super consistency season after season, 

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